Fabrica??o e reformas de máquinas de massas alimentícias
Linha de massa longa e curta, ninho e Silos
Linha de massa longa e curta, ninho e Silos

Overview of 2017 Autumn Beauty Fair in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Beauty Fair, also known as the most famous beauty products fair in China, was established in 1989 and is the largest platform for beauty products in China. Homebeauty, as a hair clipper manufacturer, participated this fair to connect cosmetic suppliers, buyers and industry professionals in domestic. This fair is a great success with 1,000 visitors in three days.

In these years, we have been in various beauty products fair events for China beauty market and we made progress together with our partners, which effect how we develop a new item. Like what we always do, our market is market-oriented to quality and development. 


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