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Linha de massa longa e curta, ninho e Silos

JM-703- a rechargeable balding trimmer is ready


Power; Precision; Performance

JM-703 is an
 excellent shaving and trimming tool which can not only be charged by adaptor but also by Android phone adaptor. JM-703 is designed for a superior trim with zero gap. The blade is sharp, tough and long-lasting. The machine is sleek and it can perform well in both home and barber. It's convenient to use JM-703 under traveling because you only need to bring one phone(Android) adaptor for your phone and trimmer. There is a significant difference in performing from a traditional trimmer and JM-703. JM-703 can be used to bald someone's head, groom beard and lineup. We rated JM-703 highly because we think that JM-703 is not only equipped with fast charging system but also use balding blade to shave every hair from body and we even believe this might be the top five products which we ever develop. JM-703 is ready for the market right now.

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